Thursday, January 20, 2011

These Tears

These Tears
Its oft said men cry no tears
That like silent cars shift gears
And with the softest thump bears
The greatness of the world on his shoulder bears
Lest the world should at him leer

But these tears I cry?
These tears are for no man
They are not tears of men
They are not tears of pain
These tears are mine

Feel the nacsnt abortion ripped from you
Reel as the words tear each morsel
Keel they spirit as its its crushed afoot
Real people, telling things unreal
Roil in fury at the betrayal of trust

I ask not and I give not
My trust be for me to be
For worse it is to have loved and lost
Than it is to have a love lost
But a job is merely is merely but a job
These tears I cry?
I will never cry them again
Not for her or any woman
Not for it or any job
Not for them any colleagues
And not for Him or any dream.

I am a select first born son
I am a survivor of a gun wound
I have looked poverty in the face and stared her down
Knowing what need is, being needy, hating the neediness and all the while doing the needful
I’m not a weaver of dreams
I’m a catcher of them

Casting out a thin fine mesh
Trapping them, netting them, and
Slowly sorting  them with errorless trance

I will take these tears and dry them into crystals
Like the crystals from the tears of a thousand angels
Out of these crystals I will build a diamond jacket that I will vest around my most tender spot.

I will take these tears and replace my aborted heart
Wash it in  the healing salt of these tears
Make it untearable, for when the war is done,
 The heroes lie on the field while the one-legged coward tell the tale.