Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poetry And Why You Should Keep Your Saturday Evening Free

I remember when a Mr. Ochieng once walked into class on the first class day of Senior 5 (HSC) and told us that Poetry was “the best words in the best order”

He went on to tell the class how it was also the most condensed form of speech expressing the most sublime precepts.

There were eight of us in that class… aahhhh the good old college. There were 33 boys in the Arts Class and there only 8 of us offering Literature in English. It was a time when shining was something you did without trying.

Amongst those eight boys was one, notorious for being extraordinarily talkative. I talked a lot and in fairness, I still do but this brother could talk. So much the class called him ‘Mbuzi’. I always wondered whether it was because of his ability to ruminate of old grudges or it was the result of the over developed jaw muscles as a result of over practice [read talking too much].

Mbuzi and I are going to co-author this post with me; because he was awesome and also because he is new to blogger.

Ladies and gentlemen, give Drew a round of applause.

That class moulded us into most of what we are because we scraped for every bit of self worth we have. We owned that turf, we ruled that place.

Anyways, in the goings and coming of our time there, there emerged some people with a gift for poetry par excellence. And one thing led to another and the Lantern Meet of Poets was born. Today, a small group of three characters has achieved three recitals and is on the cusp of a bigger more creative recital than ever before. And the poetry that will define our age will come from these young lanterns.

I now ask you keep your Saturday 29/08/’09 evening free.

Monday, August 17, 2009

When The Fat Lady Sang...

No offense to the fat ones...
anyways, i went to this thing over the weekend where they were launching Tusker Project Fame; the anachronistic mixture between Big Brother and Idols. To get the show underway I found they were looking for talent to sing Karaoke and so.....

According to one blogger of note, I was not the worst but I will have you know [Heyrer] that no matter what "I will survive' which is what I wish I had sung but no, I ended up singing a beautiful rendition of The Everly Bothers' Crying in The Rain.

And to a paked house did those that are inherently in me but I never seem to know where the guts or the absence of sense to do them comes from.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Find the Angel

Is this Photoshopped or not?


How many types of issues do you think there are?

I was thinking recently and I pounced upon the idea that there might actually be an infinite number of issues. I mean 'issues' to refer to the deeply or mildly disturbing psychoses that people will almost inevitably possess. Presenting my list of 15 most disturbing issues:

1. Daddy Issues
2. Mummy Issues
3. Abandonment Issues
4. Sexual abuse issues
5. Intelligence issues
6. I-can't-keep-my-mouth-shut Issues
7. My-daddy-was-too-awesome-when-i-was-growing-up-so-now-I-cant-relate-to-any-man Issues
8. Am-broke-so-I-need-to-borrow-some-cash Issues
9. You-gotta-get-me-that-chic's-number Issues
10.Dude!!-you-gatta-hook-a-brother-up Issues
11.Control Issues[read as:Am-always-on-top issues]
12.Am-jealously-protective-of-my-friends Issues
13.Passive aggressive Issues [read as: you-came-late-to-work-so-amma-send you-an-email-with-the-boss-copied-in]
14.Who-could-possibly-be-calling-you-at-this-time Issues
And finally, my favorite
15.Am-sensitive-about-my-issues Issues

If you have any other "issue" suggestions please feel free to add them here. We'll see if we can find solutions and i will hang myself in order to escape some. However solutions are also welcome!

Have a nice week


*PS Tumwi reminded me: I-write-so-I-can-get-comments- Issues