Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Who is David Ddumba?

 In all the newspapers this morning, the ad ran that Steven who is David Ddumba's former housemate is looking for him. The ad asked him to call Steven because David had recently come into inheritance of UGX 250 Million (about USD$ 100,000).  and left a number to call him on. [see ad below]

Now in most markets across this would make sense but it doesnt make sense to me because:
1. A half page ad costs UGX 5 Million ($2,000) and thats not money you splash in all 5 dailies
2. It was in all local language papers as well which mena the campaign was looking for national reach.
3. All the Ads had premium placement; page 3, 12, 7, 5.... and all on right hand side - a clear sign of a search for impact
4. Finally, given the fact that recently the telco category has been on a re-surge back into play as strategic re-alignment happened, we are likely to be seeing signs of  retaliation campaign.


1. I think that if its a telecom ad the appropriate response would look something like this:

2. If its an ad for Big Brother Double Impact I would be thinking more along these lines:
Either way, wherever this goes I will be keeping a keen eye on this campaign.

Tell me which you think is more likely....