Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Thoruggits:

1. Yes I changed the blog template. I was looking for something darker and if you're not yet on my blog roll, just give it some time.

2. This morning as i was on my way to work the taxi was tuned in to Top Radio. The presenters are talking about the recent scourge of beheading little girls that has spread across the country and how that has become a menace. The one guy says "This is a big mess. Government has to do something"
The second guy comes up with an idea on how the government should intervene to curb this blood curling practice "The government should buy helmets for all women and girls to prevent this whole be-heading thing!! " WTF!? seriously!

3. I've gotten a new apartment and its frighteningly awesome that i'll be changing location as soon as this week!

4. I met a girl this week with a weak heart, so she with a helmet protected it.

5. And is it just me, or do almost all bloggers somehow find themselves at steak out on rock night? I don't want to say its the taste for the weird and dangerous stuff but seriously, some of that shit needs to stop. Speaking to B2B, DarkKnight, and a lot of you that keep showing up without notice.

6. Feb has 28 days. To all the women, may this be a perfect month.

7. I miss that little red haired bastard called the 27th Comrade. I remembered him while I was watching the Daniel Craig drama 'Defiance".

8. Speaking of ... its been on my mind lately and I have probably tried to bring it up in every conversation I have had/tried to have lately. The maturation of Will Smith as an actor. From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Enemy of the State, Bad Boys, to i-Robot, then I am legend, the Pursuit of Happiness the guy has come full circle and truly found himself *[Disclaimer: I think] in 7 pounds. Raw, dark, and nonchalant it makes you feel like you wanna love someone and yet be really selfish about the people you love.

9. I have this secret suspicion that Tumwi is a hot, bespectacled, petite, and hour-glass-figured woman. Yes, and so fiery yet so coy.

10. And a blast from the past!!!

Got me thinking, is there any repository where its possible to get some of this wahala? I mean some of you guys have Mind Your Language!