Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Secret Agents:

And as they walk towards each other; each can almost anticipate how this conversation is going to go. Simple. Keep it level headed. After all we are both on foreign turf in New York.


Name: YKM Age: unclear
Codename:M7 Marital status: Cohabiting

Special skills: lying, graft, guerilla talk and warfare

Weaknesses: Democracy & Civil freedoms

Killer Move: CMI disappearing fatality! ['nnuf said]

Service period: First showed interest in 1980 but was DE [wait for it ...] NIED! and so facts place character at 1986 with 27 guns.

Expected further delivery: As resilient as the Kalashnikov, we put it at another360 months.

Name: RM Age: Octogenarian [we think he is older]
Codename:MGB3 Marital status: Cohabiting with his neighbour's wife

Special skills: Xenophobia, British-bashing, power hunger .

Weaknesses: Democracy & Civil freedoms. The Opposition

Finishing Stroke: One hand super grip. (ask the presidency,wont bloody let it go!)

Service period: Unlike agent above recruited to service in 1980. Has religiously thwarted all attempts to recruit younger more versatile agents [read Morgan]; to the extent of violence, even death!

Expected further delivery: Like a rusted Chinese broadsword, not expected to survive in the age of the samurai Katana. So about 200 months.

Said agents were taking a stroll and sat down to talk. surveillance was able to obtain this photo with advanced transcribing, was also able to subtitle the conversation.