Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Death. Death. Death.

Am seated next to this beautiful lady. Nina. Slowly, pensively eats her food as she notes down thoughts in a beaten, spent Tower notebook. Intermittently, she looks out the window, and writes. Penning dexterously. Like a seasoned professional. A Spartan warrior. A samurai with a Katana.

I think about my life; the moments, and the monuments. Outside the wind whistles and a slightly overcast sky seems to frown. Miniature palm trees outside dance with glee. It is after all, about to rain. Rain falls.

Rain waters us.

Rain cleanses us.

Rain heals us.

Rain gives life.

But the trees know they will still die. Someday soon, they will die. And we must die.


If we do not die, we don’t allow others to live. If we don’t die we don’t learn the lessons of this lifetime. If we don’t die we forget how to miss people. If we don’t die, we selfishly keep tons of inspiration because after all, people are inspired by your death - not your life.

Dying gives us urgency - the fierce urgency of now!

Dying gives us purpose. ..

Dying gives resolution. Enables resolve. Emboldens the spirit. Clears the mind

And purges our hearts.

In the purity of death, there is no shadow; In its grip no release,

And yet in its release, a gripping peace; and in its shadow still, a deathly purity.

We will live a thousand lives if we have to. We will build this earth and tear it down many times. Because everything that is, has been and will be again. There is nothing new. So wrote the hand.

So yes, let’s hurtle through life, let’s not breathe every moment, because if we don’t get it right in this one, we’ll get it in the next life. For death is merely a door, to bring us to a higher sense of ourselves.

The upgrade.

Teaching those left behind to live on the precipice of life. And those going to carry their to-do list for the next time they come around.